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The National Museum of Scotland, one of the finest Victorian buildings in Scotland, will host our conference dinner and ceilidh. The very late setting sun will shine through the glass ceiling of the recently refurbished Grand Gallery and provide a magnificent space for the social event of the conference.

The Grand Gallery at night

After a wine reception and some fine dining we will have a chance to dance to the music of the Wullie Fraser Band.

Ceilidh dancing is energetic fun! You’ll get hot no matter what you wear, so you might as well dress up to mark the occasion. Somewhere between comfortable and positively dashing ought to do it – just no trainers. Skirts and kilts aren’t required outright, but only because our legal team said so.

Scottish dancers in competition

We promise you won't have to do this ('Scottish dancers in competition' by Gordon E. Robertson. Wikimedia Commons. 30-07-11)

As long as you can count to eight you’ll be fine: each dance is a set of repeated steps. As OR2012 delegates your expert attention to detail will definitely come in handy. Sometimes only two people dance together, and sometimes four, six or eight make up a ‘set’ where each couple gets a chance to dance the pattern.

Some more experienced folks will be there to show you how it’s done, and the Wullie Fraser Band will “call” us through each dance before the music starts. Don’t worry about the moves, though. The initial confusion is half the fun, and eventually the patterns will fall into place.

Intertwined ceilidh dancers

See? Easy ('Ceilidh 7' by Barney Moss. Flickr. 03-09-11)

Note that if you are really going to throw yourself into the “birling” with your partner, the best hold is to grasp their right elbow with your right hand, and clasp left hands above. This will save many bruised inside elbows and keeps you spinning on your feet.

You can always learn a bit more about the patterns in advance if you’re really keen.

Ceilidh dancers coming together

And by the end of the night... ('Ceilidh 4' by Barney Moss. Flickr. 03-09-11)

It’s sure to be good food and good fun, all in a fantastic venue that the OR2012 delegates will get all to themselves until the sun finally goes down around midnight. Be sure to join us from 7:30pm on Wednesday 11th July.

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