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Today we are liveblogging from the OR2012 conference at George Square Lecture Theatre (GSLT), George Square, part of the University of Edinburgh. Find out more by looking at the full program.

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This is a liveblog so there may be typos, spelling issues and errors. Please do let us know if you spot a correction and we will be happy to update the post.

Kevin is introducing the Minute Madness by reminding us that all posters will be being shown at our drinks reception this evening so these very short introductions will be to entice you to visit their stand. Les Carr is chairing the madness and will buy drinks for any presentation under 45 seconds as an incentive for speed!

Our first speaker in the room is poster #105 DataONE (Observation Network for Earth) – we just heard the reasoning for why we need this, there are thousands of repositories that need to be linked together. DataONE does this, integrating data and tools for earth observation data. Tools researchers use already like Excel, like SAAS etc.

#100 is a mystery!

#109 on Metadata Analyser Portal – checks metadata quality, checks s for depositor, for repository manager, and we want to build ranking based on quality of metadata. Come to my poster and discuss this with me!

#112 on Open Access Publishing in the Social Science – one of the leading repositories in Germany. I want to talk about the roll ethos kind of repository can take, how we can ensure quality of publications.

#114 Open Access Directory – its hard to check open access status of data. Come chat to us at our poster, more importantly look at our website oad.simmond.edu.

#121 Design and development of LISIR for Scholarly Publications of Karnataka State – looking at how universities in Edinburgh have been using this technology to deposit in DSpace

#136 Can LinkedIn and Academic.edu enhance access to Open Repositories – how do we get our research out? It’s all about links and connectedness, the commercial publishers encourage this, why don’t you? Come tell me?

#149 Sharing experiences and expertise in the professional development of promoting OA and IRs between repository communities in Japan and the UK

#? Another mystery

#160 Making Data repositories visible – building a register of research data repositories. We want to encourage sharing and reuse of research data. We have research work planned on this, come talk to me about it!

#161 another mystery

#207 Metadata Database for upper atmosphere for using DSpace – a metadata repository talk geospatial data. We have solved the issue of cross searching for this metadata repository – come find out more!

#209 Revealing presence of amateurs at an institutional repository by analysing queries at Search engines – I think it is difficult to segment repository users into different groupings but it’s importance, they have different needs. Come see me to find out how we have overcome this.

#223 Integrating Fedora into the Semantic Web using Apache Stanbol – we are trying to graph the web and come along to find out more about using semantic web without losing durability of data

#224 Using CKAN – storing data for re-use – as used in data.gov.uk. The public hub lets you share data, your code, your files – you get an API for your data and stats. You can use ours or download and run your own.

#251 Developing Value-added services facilitating the outreach of institutional repositories at Chinese Academy of Sciences – maybe you don’t get good opportunities to visit China but we will share our experience – come see our poster



#263 The RSP Embedding Guide – there was once a sad dusty library and no one spoke to it. Sometimes people would throw it an article and it would be happy… but then quickly sad again. Then one day the repository manager found the RSP embedding guide and you could find out all about the happy ending at our poster!

#268 Duracloud poster proposal  – digital preservation is important but not all institutions are able to deliver this. We have built DuraCloud a web based solution. Our poster will debunk the myths of the cloud – duracloud and other cloud services – for checking data integrity

#271 SafeArchive – automated policy based auditing and provisions of replicated content  – there are many good tools in this space such as DuraCloud, such as local systems such as LOCKSS, what it’s difficult to do with these tools is to show a relationship between replication services and policy, SafeArchive does that

#274 current and future effects of social media based metrics an open access and IRs – my open data archive provides an open access repository and it is a social media based OA repository. One of the smallest repositories, but well known on social media. I want to discuss any metrics come see my poster!

#275 Adapting a spoken language data model for a fedora repository – this data type is hard to process and expensive to produce so we need repositories and data models that works with this. Annotations of video and audio, metadata specific to this etc. will all be at my poster!

#276 All about Hot Topics the duraspace community webinar series – this is a web seminar series addressing issues bubbling up from the community, Talk to me about the series and perhaps how you can get involved.

#277 A handshake system for Japanese Academic Societies and Insti8tutional repositories – we work as something like JISC or JANET and we recent started a repository hosting service called Jairo Cloud. We have tried to make a handshake for academic society repositories – I’ll explain how at my poster!

#278 create attract deposit – We at the New Bulgarian University have a poster on how we have increased deposit into our institutional repositories. We use web 2.0 to increase our deposits from 0.7% to 2% in just a year! Come and find out what we did and how we promote these materials.

#279 Engage – using data about research clusters to enhance collaboration – funded in part under JISC business dev strand come see us to find out more and tell us your experiences

#281 CSIC Bridge – linking digital.CSIC to Institutional CRIS – we have used homegrown software and other external tools to automate ingestion. I’ll talk about pros and cons and also integration with DSPACE IR and how we are using CRIS rather than DSPACE deposit tool


#283 JAIRO Cloud – national infrastructure for institutional repositories in JAPAN – I am a tech person without much money. In Japan there are 800 universities and 600 are a bit like me in that regard so the national institute of informatics has begun to share a cloud repositories, 17 are already open to the public. Come find out more

#284 The CORE Family – Connected Repositories is the project. Like William Wallace we are fighting for freedom in terms of open access. We are providing access to millions of resources. But hopefully we won’t end up in the same way: hung, drawn and quartered!

#285 Enhancing DSPace to Synchronise with sources having distinct updating patterns – I am presenting Lume a repository aggregating work from several different data sources and how we are enabling provision of embedded videos

#286 Cellar – the project for common access to EU information – 43 million file in 23 languages, delivered in multiple formats including JSON and SPARQL

#288 Moving DSpace to a fully feature CRIS System – come see how we have been doing this, adaptations made etc.

#291 Makerere University’s dynamic experience of setting up, content collection and use of an institutional repository running on DSpace – we have been doing this for 5 years, come find out about our taking this to the next level.


#294 History DMP: managing data for historical research – we have very active history researchers and got funding to work with those historians to gather and curate data through data management plans created with historians, we have 3 case studies, and we enhanced our repository for these results.

#295 NSF DMP content analysis: what are researchers saying about repositories – find out what crazy things researchers have been saying

#296 Making DSpace Content Accessible via Drupal – we recently moved to Drupal and as departments migrated we wanted to deposit publications etc. into the repository and they were fine with that but wanted it to look just like the website. So come find out how we did this via DSPace REST interface

#297 Databib – an online bibliography of research data repositories – perfect for researchers, libraries, repository managers etc. Please stop by the poster or site to make sure your repository is represented. All our metadata is available via CC0

#298 Making it work – operationalizing digital repositories: moving from strategic direction to integrated core library service – we stared out like a garage band with just our moms and boyfriends hanging out. But like better garage band we’ve gotten better and high level researchers now want to jam with us. Come find out what how we moved from garage band to centre stage!

#299 Publishing system as the new tool for the open access promotion at the university – we migrated over to an open journals system, come find out more about this.

#300 The CARPET project – an information platform on ePublishing technology for users, developers and providers – match matching these groups and technologies. Please come to our poster and ask me how e can help you

#301 Proactive personalized self archiving – we have written an application for outside repositories that allow users to submit metadata and data into repositories

#302 DataFlow project – DataStage – personalised file management – this is a love story of DataBank and DataStage, They were made for each other but didn’t know it! We are an open access project so this is an open relationship between these two components

#303 Databank – a restful web interface for repositories – come see us!

#304 Repositories at Warwick – how we refreshed our marketing for the repositories and how we used the “highlight your research” strapline. We launched the service late last year and in first 10 months we saw a nearly 50% increase in deposit. Come find out about our process and end project

#306 University of Prince Edward Islands VRE Service – this poster is a chronological narrative/fairytale tracing the repository process at PEI and Islandora itself. If you are a small institution trying to make your repository work come speak to me!

#307 CRUD (the good kind) at Northwestern University Library – a Drupal based system, a Hydra based deposit system and a Fedora Repository. It’s fun stuff, come talk

#309 Client side interfaces for content re-use framework based on OAI-PMH – an extension of OAI-PMH with image via JSON. Should be brand new framework, a very beautiful framework. Come see me.

#311 Agricultural repositories in India – darn, our presenter isn’t here

#312 If you love them, set them free: developing digital archives collections at Salford – we have been working with our local community to share and make collections available. We’ve worked hard to make our stuff more discoverable and easier to enjoy

#315 At the centre – a story first (with props!). One of the first journeys to St Andrews was by a monk to move bones of St Andrews for safekeeping. Today researchers are still inspired to come to St Andrews… our poster explains how research@StAndrews has led to all sorts of adventures and encounters.


#319 Introducing Islandora Stack and Architecture 0 Islandora is open access repository software that connects to Drupal (used by everyone from NASA To Playboy). Come find out more about Islandora, about recent updates, or about Prince Edward Island where we will be hosting OR2013

#320 Implementing preservation services in an Islandora Framework – various approaches will be discussed notably Duracloud

#324 Use of shared central virtual open access agriculture and aquaculture repository (VOA3R) – an open source portal that harvests OA scientific literature from different institutional repositories and it embarks a social network. This project funded by EU Framework7 and technology is reusable and open source.

#325 Integrating an institutional CRIS with an OA IR – find out how we are using text harvesting with Symplectic elements to create a repository full of high quality open metadata

#326 SAS OJS: overlaying an Open Journals service onto an Institutional Repositories – SAS OJS better known as “sausages” – find out about our pilot with legal researchers at University of London

#328 Putting the Repository First: Implementing a Repository to RIS EWorkflow for QUT ePrints – we’ve made the repository the only deposit for metadata for research publications

#329 Implementing an enhanced repository statistics system for QUT ePrints – so important but our researchers wanted to collate statistics at author, research group, school, faculty and home repository level (as well as article level) – my poster talks about how we implemented this and how it has gone down.

#287 Open AIRE: supporting open science in Europe – a pitch with a poem that I can’t do justice to here. But we talk about supporting open science in Europe, training… add Continental Chic to your OR2012!

#197 Open AIRE Data Infrastructure Services: On Interlinking European Institutional Repositories, Dataset Archives and CRIS systems – how we did the technical work here and how it can be reused by you!


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