Jul 112012

Lots of people have been asking about download access to presentations and posters. Sorry we didn’t provide information about this earlier – I confess it was partly because until we had missed a simple setting in our conference submission system that provided public access to downloads.

The good news is that many presentations and posters are now available directly from the detailed pages in the conference agenda ; this isn’t a permanent home for the content but it will be available to access for at least the rest of this calendar year. At present, presentations are only there if presenters uploaded them beforehand (similarly for posters.) We’re also trying to collect presentations as they are given, but we can’t guarantee a 100% success rate. If you are a presenter or poster author, please do take a minute or so to upload your presentation whilst you are here. We are only making content available after each session has run, so there’s no risk of any surprises being unleashed early.

Given all that we’ve heard at OR2012 about the advantages of putting content online and making it open and the value of putting content in repositories, it would be downright contrary of any of you not to comply and place your content in the staging post for the conference repository. Do it now if only for the brief glow of self-satisfaction that it will give.


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  1. Sorry, but I can’t find any presentation, pôster, proposal link in the conference agenda. Please, can any one help me to find?

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