Jul 042012
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The developer challenge isn’t just for developers anymore. It doesn’t matter if you speak Perl or Ruby or if you bash your Fedora, so long as you speak repository. We want curators, managers, and users of every sort to join. It takes all kinds to make great new toys, so you should consider signing up and pitching an idea. If metadata gets you going, or if you revel in getting your hands dirty with big data sets, there’s no better place to be this Tuesday night than the developer challenge at OR2012.

Show us something new and cool in the world of Open Repositories

That’s the pitch, and we want to see what you’ve got. It’s going to take a collaboration between code ninjas, database wizards, and SWORD-wielding users to take home the prize. We know there are all sorts of innovations bouncing around amongst the array of attendees, and we want to showcase the best of the best.

You don’t even have to worry about making it work yet, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt. Just refine your idea a bit and get ready to talk about it. On Tuesday all of the challengers will get together and shout it out, airing their plans and giving each other feedback.Then you’ve got just under a day to make any finishing touches before presenting to an audience and judging panel on Wednesday night at 5:00pm.

To the victor go the spoils

Funding, vouchers, widgets, and the attention of the entire conference on Thursday morning are all up for grabs. Not too shabby. So head over to the DevCSI challenge page to iron out the details, then submit your idea in the comments of the entry page before Tuesday the 10th.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got just the thing – here are a few prize winners from OpenRepo DevCSI challenges in 2009 and 2011.


Jun 152012

DevCSI will once again be organising the very successful Developer Challenge at Open Repositories 2012.

Whether you are a developer or user, we want you to be involved this year!

Tell us when you book for OR12, email us, post ideas on the Developer Challenge Ideas page, or let us know when you come to the registration desk for the event.

For the full challenge, information on the glittering prizes, the rules, the judges and other essential information head on over to DevCSI’s dedicated Developer Challenge page.

This year’s Developer Challenge is sponsored by Microsoft Research and there will be an additional prize to any developers who submit an entry to the challenge that also makes an innovative use of Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Research

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