Jul 032012

The National Museum of Scotland, one of the finest Victorian buildings in Scotland, will host our conference dinner and ceilidh. The very late setting sun will shine through the glass ceiling of the recently refurbished Grand Gallery and provide a magnificent space for the social event of the conference.

The Grand Gallery at night

After a wine reception and some fine dining we will have a chance to dance to the music of the Wullie Fraser Band.

Ceilidh dancing is energetic fun! You’ll get hot no matter what you wear, so you might as well dress up to mark the occasion. Somewhere between comfortable and positively dashing ought to do it – just no trainers. Skirts and kilts aren’t required outright, but only because our legal team said so.

Scottish dancers in competition

We promise you won't have to do this ('Scottish dancers in competition' by Gordon E. Robertson. Wikimedia Commons. 30-07-11)

As long as you can count to eight you’ll be fine: each dance is a set of repeated steps. As OR2012 delegates your expert attention to detail will definitely come in handy. Sometimes only two people dance together, and sometimes four, six or eight make up a ‘set’ where each couple gets a chance to dance the pattern.

Some more experienced folks will be there to show you how it’s done, and the Wullie Fraser Band will “call” us through each dance before the music starts. Don’t worry about the moves, though. The initial confusion is half the fun, and eventually the patterns will fall into place.

Intertwined ceilidh dancers

See? Easy ('Ceilidh 7' by Barney Moss. Flickr. 03-09-11)

Note that if you are really going to throw yourself into the “birling” with your partner, the best hold is to grasp their right elbow with your right hand, and clasp left hands above. This will save many bruised inside elbows and keeps you spinning on your feet.

You can always learn a bit more about the patterns in advance if you’re really keen.

Ceilidh dancers coming together

And by the end of the night... ('Ceilidh 4' by Barney Moss. Flickr. 03-09-11)

It’s sure to be good food and good fun, all in a fantastic venue that the OR2012 delegates will get all to themselves until the sun finally goes down around midnight. Be sure to join us from 7:30pm on Wednesday 11th July.

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Jun 292012

As the conference approaches, we’ve been doing everything we can to get ready – getting our words-per-minute up, building up a tolerance to caffeine, and getting you all excited. One of the things we really want out of OR2012 is a good conversation. That means networking in person, and using this internet thing – we hear it’s sticking around. We’ll be using several different tools during OR2012 and we want to make sure that everyone’s familiar with them so you’ll find a guide here to using Crowdvine; Twitter; Lanyrd; Flickr; and Live blogging – click “Read More” below to browse through all of our tips or click on the one you are most interested in.

Once you’ve had a change to try these out – or if you’re already an expert – then you should also take a look at our Your Conference Needs You post! And if you have any question at all just leave a comment here or email our social media officer, Nicola (nicola.osborne@ed.ac.uk) who will be happy to help.

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Jun 182012

The Open Repositories Steering Committee are delighted to announce that OR2013 will take place in Prince Edward Island, in July 2013. This will mark the first time that Open Repositories has been held in Canada.

The Host Organising Committee for OR2013 add:

The University of Prince Edward Island, and DiscoveryGarden are pleased to announce that Prince Edward Island has been selected as the location for Open Repositories 2013!

Islands are often viewed as isolated and insular, but those that live on islands think differently: Island life is all about Community. Join us on Prince Edward Island in July 2013 to discuss the next generation of repositories. This will be the first Open Repositories Conference in Canada and what a better place to make history than the historic birthplace of Canadian Confederation.

Prince Edward Island is also the birthplace of Islandora, the award-winning, open-source framework that combines Drupal and Fedora to create a robust, digital asset management system. The Islandora community is strongly based out of the University of Prince Edward Island, and continues to grow along side the open-source community.

Prince Edward Island has miles of sandy beaches, lined by red cliffs and rich pastures. Come and enjoy a round of golf at an award winning course, visit a local artisan workshop, and sample fine culinary products, fresh from the farm and sea.

We look forward to seeing everyone in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island for OR2013!

Apr 302012

We’re happy to announce a draft outline programme for this year’s Open Repositories conference which shows you what is happening on each day. It’s available as a PDF linked to the thumbnail image in this article. We’re not currently in a position to announce detailed schedules for every paper and workshop (although workshop timings should be available very soon) but we hope that the outline programme is enough to help you with travel planning.

Overall we’re expecting to run 16 workshops. These will take place in parallel on Monday all day and Tuesday morning. Most are half days but some are whole days. We’re still discussing details with some workshop organisers, but confirmed titles already include:

  • Multirepository Deposit to an Open Educational Repository and Institutional Archive at the same time
  • Hydra 101: An Introduction to Hydra and Collaborating in the Hydra Community
  • DSpace XMLUI
  • Institutional data repositories – roles, shapes and forms
  • UK RepositoryNet+
  • Software repositories and their links with institutional research repositories

Following lunch and the opening plenary on Tuesday we’ll have a minute madness session for all poster presenters whilst we’ve still got you all in one room. We then split off for the first parallel sessions of papers, which continue throughout Wednesday and for the first session on Thursday morning. Tuesday evening sees an opening reception at Edinburgh University’s Playfair Library where the posters will be available for viewing; they will then be moved back to the main conference venue in Appleton Tower for the remainder of the conference. Tuesday will also see the start of this year’s developer challenge and of Edinburgh’s unique Repository Fringe, moved to early July this year in honour of OR2012. Both will continue throughout Wednesday and more details will be announced when they are available.

Wednesday will also see a third, more informal strand given over to Pecha Kucha presentations and user-organised Birds of a Feather sessions. We will be publicising a timetable for the PK talks once confirmations have been sent out in mid-May, but other aspects of this strand will have an unconference flavour whose nature and timing will be controlled by you, the delegates.

The closing plenary will come just before lunch on Thursday, after which there will be a day and a half of user group activities for Eprints, DSpace and Fedora users and developers.

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Mar 302012

We are pleased to announce that delegate registration for Seventh International Conference on Open Repositories (OR2012) is now open via the conference electronic payment system.

The early booking rate of £295 is available until 21st May. Accommodation is booked separately.

The theme and title of the 2012 conference – Open Services for Open Content: Local In for Global Out – reflects the current move towards open content, ‘augmented content’, distributed systems and data delivery infrastructures.

Dates: 9 – 13 July 2012

Additional information about the conference is provided on the OR2012 website.

We look forward to welcoming you to Edinburgh for OR2012.

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Mar 222012

Thank you to everyone who submitted a conference paper, EPrints, DSpace or Fedora user group presentation or Workshop earlier this month!

Whilst we review those submissions we wanted to remind you that there are still ways to contribute to OR2012 including Posters, Pecha Kuchas or Demos. You can submit these via the OR2012 submission system.

We invite developers, researchers, repository managers, administrators and practitioners to submit one-page proposals for posters and demonstrations. Posters provide an opportunity to present work that isn’t appropriate for a paper; you’ll have the chance to do a 60-second pitch for your poster or demo during a plenary session at the conference.

Pecha Kuchas are also a great concise way to share your work with others. You create exactly 20 slides and present each of these for 20 seconds. So you have a total of 6 minutes and 40 seconds for your presentation and a challening but very engaging format to play with.

You can find out more about Pecha Kucha on Wikipedia. To get a sense of how these work in practice you could take a look at the videos of Pecha Kuchas presented at the 2011 Repository Fringe. You can also view this overview of the format – and a demonstration of using it for a presentation on signage – from Wired:

YouTube Preview Image

Demos give you the opportunity to present working systems in ways that a paper, poster or Pecha Kucha don’t! Describe your requirements in your submission and we’ll do our best to accommodate them.

We want to give you as many ways as possible. This is the opportunity to tell the world about what you’ve been doing with repositories. Whatever you’ve been working on one of these formats should be right for you. Don’t delay, submit your ideas here today!

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Mar 052012

Due to demand from many who didn’t hear the news about OR2012 submissions until too late, we have made one last extension to the deadline for papers to be submitted to OR2012. You can now make submissions for papers and workshops until midnight GMT on Thursday March 8th (that’s 2012-03-08T24:00:00Z for those of you who prefer  standard timesAlarm clock by moonrhino@flickr CC-BY-SA.)

This really is the final extension we can offer for papers. To move the deadline back further would risk not being able to notify authors in time to make travel and conference bookings. The change affects submissions to the main conference track and to the Eprints, DSpace and Fedora user group tracks. Remember, at this stage we are looking for a 2 to 4 page summary of your proposal – you don’t need to write a full paper to be considered.

Posters, pecha kucha submissions and other less formal contributions are unaffected by this change and can still be submitted up to March 31st.


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Feb 172012

Update Monday March 5th: this deadline has now been extended one last time to Thursday March 8th – see announcement

Good news for those working hard on proposals for this year’s Open Repositories Conference in Edinburgh – we’re extending the submission deadline for papers &  workshops by 2 weeks until March 5th. Whether your proposal is for the general conference track, or more suited to the user group tracks for EPrints, DSpace and Fedora, you’ve got 14 more days to refine your ideas for papers. The remaining dates in the process are not expected to shift, so you’ll still have plenty of time to make arrangements to attend.

5th  Mar 2012 Deadline for papers, workshops&  user group sessions
31st Mar 2012 Deadline for posters, Pecha Kucha and demos
6th  Apr 2012 Workshop/paper submitters notified
11th May 2012 Poster/demo/Pecha Kucha submitters notified
9th  Jul 2012 Conference pre-workshops begin


Workshop proposals can be made now by email to OR2012@ed.ac.uk; we’ve already received a number of exciting ideas so we would encourage you not to wait until the deadline if you haven’t already been in touch.

Due to a glitch with the submission system we can’t yet take paper submissions but we expect this to be resolved next week, and we’ll make an announcement at that time. Full details will be provided on the OR2012 web site at http://or2012.ed.ac.uk/

This year’s event will also have more space for informal, unconference-style contributions as well as the Developer Challenge. If a full paper isn’t for you, consider contributing in another way. We’ll be releasing more details nearer the event. This will include Pecha Kuchas and poster sessions with a deadline of the 31st of March.