Jul 092012

If you are the author of a poster at this year’s conference, make sure you pick up your free poster stickers from the registration desk. We’re trialling a simple way to help poster authors have discussions with delegates about their posters even when they aren’t standing next to them. You can place the poster stickers on your clothing, your conference bag, laptop or anywhere else you think it will attract attention. 4 stickers have the full title of your poster on them as well as an image of it; 3 just have the poster itself. One contains identifying information to make it easy for the registration staff to hand out the right stickers to the right people.

If you are a delegate and see someone wearing a poster sticker, why not ask them about it ?

Stickers were only printed for those who uploaded their posters to the conference system by early July. If you didn’t do that, we’re sorry but you won’t have any stickers waiting for you.

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Jul 062012

The wait is nearly over! We are just a weekend away from the start of Open Repositories 2012 and a warm welcome from us all here in Edinburgh awaits. There are over 430 coming to OR2012. It’s a packed programme and we know it will be a busy (and exhilarating) week.

We have arranged 14 workshops in total on Monday and Tuesday morning, many of which are now fully booked. We would be grateful if you could check your booking and, if you are no longer able to attend, notify us or cancel the booking yourself as there are waiting lists for several workshops now.

There will also be an opportunity for the repository user group communities (DSpace, Fedora and EPrints) to share their latest developments and work. These user group sessions are open to all delegates and offer an excellent opportunity to find out more.

This year we have introduced a third “Repository Fringe” strand, based on the very successful “Repository Fringe” hosted here at the University of Edinburgh. This includes a wide range of Pecha Kucha presentations which promise to be lively. There’s also an opportunity to contribute to the Open Access Index project and to learn more from Ipsos Mori about online survey tools.

Registration will take place in Appleton Tower (see campus map). The registration desk will open on Monday 9 July at 8.30 am and will be available throughout the conference. A separate conference office will also be available to deal with any further enquiries you may have.

For the latest details please refer to the online programme.

A printed programme and delegate list will be provided upon registration.

We have organised wall-to-wall sunshine for the week starting Monday 9 July but have yet to identify a delivery mechanism. We shall work on this over the weekend!! In the meantime check the forecast here and it may be prudent to pack an umbrella, it is summer after all!

Travel and Accommodation
Details about travel and the conference accommodation can be found on the conference website – click on the Registration link in the menu above to access the relevant pages.

If you haven’t booked accommodation yet please refer to our Accommodation information.  Note: The cost of accommodation is NOT included in the registration fee.

The conference will take place on the George Square campus at the University of Edinburgh.  Opening and closing sessions will take place in George Square Lecture Theatre. All other sessions will take place in Appleton Tower (See central area maps[PDF] and also our OR2012 Google Map of the venues).

For further information about the conference location please refer to: http://or2012.ed.ac.uk/location/

Speakers and Session Chairs
If you are a speaker and haven’t yet sent us your presentations please do, it will really assist the smooth running of the conference. Further guidance about timings, set-up etc is available elsewhere on the conference site for speakers and session chairs.

Network Access and Eduroam
There is wifi throughout the George Square campus through two routes. Users of either wifi option should be aware of the University of Edinburgh Computing Regulations.

Eduroam is available and accessible throughout the buildings so Eduroam users should be able to login with their usual details. You may need to set this up at your own institution before arriving.

We can provide free University of Edinburgh wifi guest accounts will be available for OR2012 – please ask at the registration desk for more information and your guest login details.

If you have a mobile device like a tablet or smartphone, guidance is available from the University of Edinburgh.

Social Media and Recording
We will be recording, blogging, tweeting, using Crowdvine and other exciting social media tools throughout Open Repositories this year. We hope that you’ll join in the fun so, if you are curious about any of these tools but haven’t used them before we’d like to help you get started. We have put together a Beginners Guide to Social Media for OR2012.

Have a look and please do leave a question or comment – or email them to: Nicola.Osborne@ed.ac.uk We are also looking for live bloggers so contact Nicola to volunteer and be part of our social media mix.

#OR2012 is the perfect time to take the plunge with Twitter and we recommend following the conference’s official Twitter account @OpenRepos2012 for all the latest news and breaking action.

Lunches and snacks
Lunches, coffee, teas and snacks will be provided to all delegates each day at the conference. There will be coffee breaks available during the workshops.

Open Repositories 2012 would not be possible without the sponsors, supporters, collaborators and organisers that enable us to make this both a highly useful and very enjoyable event and we would like to take the opportunity to thank them.  Find out more about our sponsors here. Many of the sponsors will be exhibitors in the concourse in Appleton Tower during the week, drop by and say hello.

Social Events
The social events are included in your registration fee.

There will be a Drinks Reception in the Playfair Library on the evening of Tuesday 10 July 6pm – 8pm). This will be opened by the Depute Lord Provost of Edinburgh, Deidre Brock with reply from Professor Jeff Haywood, Vice-Principal of Knowledge Management & Chief Information Officer, University of Edinburgh.

Please note that canapés will be served at the Drinks Reception and as such delegates are advised to make their own dinner arrangements. There are a wide range of restaurants to suit all tastes and budgets in the vicinity.

On Wednesday evening (11 July) there will be a conference dinner and a Ceilidh at the National Museum of Scotland. Drinks will be served at 7 pm with dinner at 8pm and dancing until just before midnight, if you can stand the pace! We are delighted that Dr John Howard, Chair of the Steering Committee has agreed to be our Master of Ceremonies and to announce the winners of the Developer’s Challenge, after their Show and Tell earlier in the evening.

An invitation for dinner will be in your registration pack. If you don’t plan on coming to the conference dinner we would appreciate it if you hadn’t the dinner invitation back to us at registration. This will assist us with numbers.

Anything else? Need help?
Contact us by e-mail at or2012@ed.ac.uk or on Twitter using #or2012info and we will do our best to help, we look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh.

Kevin Ashley
Chair of OR2012 Programme Committee

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Jul 042012
Uncle Sam I Want You Poster

(Original image by DonkeyHotey, Flickr, 28-04-11. Painting by James Montgomery Flagg, via the Library of Congress)

The developer challenge isn’t just for developers anymore. It doesn’t matter if you speak Perl or Ruby or if you bash your Fedora, so long as you speak repository. We want curators, managers, and users of every sort to join. It takes all kinds to make great new toys, so you should consider signing up and pitching an idea. If metadata gets you going, or if you revel in getting your hands dirty with big data sets, there’s no better place to be this Tuesday night than the developer challenge at OR2012.

Show us something new and cool in the world of Open Repositories

That’s the pitch, and we want to see what you’ve got. It’s going to take a collaboration between code ninjas, database wizards, and SWORD-wielding users to take home the prize. We know there are all sorts of innovations bouncing around amongst the array of attendees, and we want to showcase the best of the best.

You don’t even have to worry about making it work yet, though it certainly wouldn’t hurt. Just refine your idea a bit and get ready to talk about it. On Tuesday all of the challengers will get together and shout it out, airing their plans and giving each other feedback.Then you’ve got just under a day to make any finishing touches before presenting to an audience and judging panel on Wednesday night at 5:00pm.

To the victor go the spoils

Funding, vouchers, widgets, and the attention of the entire conference on Thursday morning are all up for grabs. Not too shabby. So head over to the DevCSI challenge page to iron out the details, then submit your idea in the comments of the entry page before Tuesday the 10th.

Need some inspiration? We’ve got just the thing – here are a few prize winners from OpenRepo DevCSI challenges in 2009 and 2011.


Jul 032012

The National Museum of Scotland, one of the finest Victorian buildings in Scotland, will host our conference dinner and ceilidh. The very late setting sun will shine through the glass ceiling of the recently refurbished Grand Gallery and provide a magnificent space for the social event of the conference.

The Grand Gallery at night

After a wine reception and some fine dining we will have a chance to dance to the music of the Wullie Fraser Band.

Ceilidh dancing is energetic fun! You’ll get hot no matter what you wear, so you might as well dress up to mark the occasion. Somewhere between comfortable and positively dashing ought to do it – just no trainers. Skirts and kilts aren’t required outright, but only because our legal team said so.

Scottish dancers in competition

We promise you won't have to do this ('Scottish dancers in competition' by Gordon E. Robertson. Wikimedia Commons. 30-07-11)

As long as you can count to eight you’ll be fine: each dance is a set of repeated steps. As OR2012 delegates your expert attention to detail will definitely come in handy. Sometimes only two people dance together, and sometimes four, six or eight make up a ‘set’ where each couple gets a chance to dance the pattern.

Some more experienced folks will be there to show you how it’s done, and the Wullie Fraser Band will “call” us through each dance before the music starts. Don’t worry about the moves, though. The initial confusion is half the fun, and eventually the patterns will fall into place.

Intertwined ceilidh dancers

See? Easy ('Ceilidh 7' by Barney Moss. Flickr. 03-09-11)

Note that if you are really going to throw yourself into the “birling” with your partner, the best hold is to grasp their right elbow with your right hand, and clasp left hands above. This will save many bruised inside elbows and keeps you spinning on your feet.

You can always learn a bit more about the patterns in advance if you’re really keen.

Ceilidh dancers coming together

And by the end of the night... ('Ceilidh 4' by Barney Moss. Flickr. 03-09-11)

It’s sure to be good food and good fun, all in a fantastic venue that the OR2012 delegates will get all to themselves until the sun finally goes down around midnight. Be sure to join us from 7:30pm on Wednesday 11th July.

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Jun 292012

As the conference approaches, we’ve been doing everything we can to get ready – getting our words-per-minute up, building up a tolerance to caffeine, and getting you all excited. One of the things we really want out of OR2012 is a good conversation. That means networking in person, and using this internet thing – we hear it’s sticking around. We’ll be using several different tools during OR2012 and we want to make sure that everyone’s familiar with them so you’ll find a guide here to using Crowdvine; Twitter; Lanyrd; Flickr; and Live blogging – click “Read More” below to browse through all of our tips or click on the one you are most interested in.

Once you’ve had a change to try these out – or if you’re already an expert – then you should also take a look at our Your Conference Needs You post! And if you have any question at all just leave a comment here or email our social media officer, Nicola (nicola.osborne@ed.ac.uk) who will be happy to help.

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