The Seventh International Conference on Open Repositories (OR2012) will be held at the University of Edinburgh, from Monday 9th to Friday 13th July, 2012. The Call for Proposals is now available and the Key Dates are as follows:

8th March 2012 Deadline for papers, workshops & user group sessions
30th March 2012 Delegate registration opens.
11th April 2012 Deadline for Posters, demos and Pecha Kuchas
6th April 2012
16th April 2012
23rd April 2012
Workshop/paper submitters notified
11th May 2012 Poster/demo submitters notified
11th June 2012
18th June 2012
Early-Bird Delegate registration ends.
9th July 2012 Conference pre-workshops begin

For full details of the dates of specific workshops, user groups, sessions etc. at Open Repositories 2012 please take a look at our most up-to-date version of the conference programme which can be viewed here.

  7 Responses to “Dates”

  1. I would like to know if any funding is available for travel and stay for the developing countries.

    • Many thanks for your enquiry. OR2012 conference planning committees meet regularly to discuss organisational aspects including outreach funding. Further details will be made available shortly on our website.

      – Nicola Osborne, OR2012 Host Organising Committee

  2. This comment is for future OR conferences in Europe. The flights to Europe are very expensive from the US in the middle of summer. Could the OR conference be scheduled earlier like in May? As an example, a flight to Ebinburgh would be around $800 in May and a flight to Ebinburgh is around $1400 in July. My travel budget is being cut and I will have pay out of pocket for about half the cost of OR2012.

    • John, many thanks for your comments.

      The Host Organising Committee for OR2012 have made great effort to be considerate about costs and timings throughout our planning. We have also had to balance cost with factors such as the usual timing of the event, lead times for submissions, venue availability, etc.

      I will of course pass on your comments to my colleagues and will ask our co-chairs to report them back to the Open Repositories Steering Committee for reference in planning future events.

      In terms of this year’s event I can assure you that my colleagues and I will be doing our utmost to ensure that you, and all of our delegates, have a very useful and enjoyable OR2012.

      Best Wishes,

      – Nicola Osborne, OR2012 Host Organising Committee

  3. Your comment is relevant no matter where these conferences are hosted in the Northern Hemisphere. Travel costs do tend to be higher in the summer holiday months, although a quick check we made with doesn’t show the ratio to be quite as high as you indicated.

    However, we’re looking to minimise total cost of attendance, and having the conference in May would greatly increase almost every other cost – accommodation and venue hire in particular. The July dates allow us to use university premises and university rooms for overnight stays, which are substantially cheaper than the commercial alternatives. We looked at all of these issues and believe that the dates we chose either minimised overall cost (for those with shorter travel distances) or were cost-neutral (for those travelling further.) It also allows us to hold the event in purpose-designed lecture theatres rather than poorly-adapted hotel ballrooms.

    As Nicola says we’ll make sure that the steering committee are aware of your concerns when making decisions about hosting OR2014. In the meantime we do hope you can make it to Edinburgh this summer.

  4. Please when are we going to be notified as to if our abstracts have been accepted for presentation. Am only seeing closing dates for submission and notification dates, can you help?

    • Richard,

      Thank you for your query. You will see that this page includes a date for workshop and paper submitters to be notified of Friday 6th April 2012.

      By “notification” we mean that we will be notifying those who have submitted proposals for papers or workshops and letting them know whether or not they have been accepted for the conference. April 6th is therefore the date when you will be notified whether or not your abstract has been accepted for presentation.


      Nicola Osborne, OR2012 Host Organising Committee