Guidance for workshop organisers


The workshops will mostly be held on the second floor of the Appleton Tower. Some will be held in the Informatics Forum on the opposite side of the street, in Room G.07.

The final workshop schedule can be found in Conftool – please note that this listing is more up to date than the printed programme.

As you can see there will be coffee available mid-Monday morning, and mid-afternoon. This will be available downstairs in the main Appleton Tower concourse.  Coffee will also be available mid-morning on the Tuesday, in the same place.  You don’t have to break for these the whole of these periods of course – the times are just to indicate availability.

There will be AV facilities for all of the workshop rooms, and there will be technical support available if this is necessary. Each of the rooms in the AT contains a writeboard, and we will supply appropriate pens for these on request.

The conference office is located on the mezzanine floor above the concourse. This should be continuously occupied during the workshops and the conference proper. A large locked room has been set aside for the storage of bags (G5) at the opposite corner of the mezzanine.  Go to the office if you want to leave your bags there at any point.

In addition to the front entrance, there are several other ways out of the building in an emergency. These include fire escapes to ground level (below street level in fact) at the front and back of the building. There is also access to ground level  through fire escapes at the rear of each of the five lecture theatres which are entered from the ground floor (theatres 1 to 3), and the mezzanine level (theatres 4 and 5, which are the largest).

Should there be a fire alarm, the lifts will automatically go to ground level and will not respond to requests. The stair wells are fire-resistant, and can be used as refuge areas in case of fire. There are fire-chairs which can be used to evacuate anyone with mobility problems. These are located on the ground floor and (for the conference) also on level two. The conference organisers know where these are.

If you have to leave the building due to an alarm, the main assembly point is at the back of the Appleton Tower. If you exit through the front of the building, please assemble on the other side of the road in front of the Informatics Forum, since the Fire Brigade will approach the building from the front.

In addition to the conference office, there will be a registration desk on the ground floor, where badges, delegate packs and conference bags will be available. If you need pens for the writeboards, they should be available here.

Lunch will be served throughout the conference in the Teviot Building, which is just around the corner from both Informatics and the Appleton Tower. The catering is by Edinburgh First, and their staff will be able to point you in the right direction – I understand that food will be served in various places within the building during the conference. Maps will be displayed in the concourse showing these locations.  Chilled water will be available.

That’s it I think. If you need any further information, or need a problem solved, don’t hesitate to contact us. Good luck with your workshops, and the weather!


Philip Hunter,  workshop co-ordinator.