Information for Session Chairs


Make yourself familiar with the Information for Speakers and contact presenters prior to the session to become acquainted. You can check with the registration desk whether or not your speakers have arrived for the conference. It would also be useful to acquire a brief biography of each speaker which can be used to introduce them; although we asked speakers to provide this through the conference submission system, most haven’t done so unfortunately.

Please acquaint yourself with the room and facilities, checking that all presentations for your session are available, that the AV equipment is working, and that each presenter is satisfied that their presentation is ready to go. Ensure that there’s water for the presenters.

At the start of the session it is traditional to introduce yourself, the session, its subject matter, and each presenter in turn. Confirm the format of the session so that both speakers and audience knows what to expect. Decide yourself, and inform your speakers, whether you will take questions after each presentation or at the end of the session. Ask for mobile phones to be put to silent mode; speakers should turn theirs off completely as otherwise the radio mikes can pick up noise from the phone even if it is doing nothing.

Inform the audience that the session will be recorded and that should questioners not wish to be recorded to please indicate prior to asking their question.

Keep time of each presentation, informing each speaker when they have 5 minutes left  / 2 minutes left / time up using the timing or cue cards provided in the session chair pack.

It will be worthwhile identifying the roving mike person to ensure that he/she has time to reach those in the audience asking questions.
Note: Radio mikes will be recording user questions and discussions.

Invite and manage questions. It might be useful to have questioners introduce themselves and their affiliation. Have at least one question for each speaker yourself if none is forthcoming from the audience. Don’t be shy about cutting off a long question or answer – encourage those involved to follow it up over coffee.

Remember to thank the speakers and the audience.

Please collect and return the presentations (using a USB stick) to the registration desk (or roving mike person). If any speaker informed you that they didn’t want their session recording to be made available, please let the registration desk know.

Pecha Kucha chairs

The slides will be set to automatically transition every 20 seconds. Your only responsibility with regard to timing is to stop the speaker once the final slide has disappeared and move on rapidly to the next. Take questions (time permitting) after each 3 presentations. There is little free time in the PK sessions so it’s important that the transitions between speakers are quick – get the speakers to sit at the front and be ready to move quickly.