Pecha Kucha Rules


These are the basic rules for Pecha Kucha at the Open Repositories 2012:

Presentation: Each person shows 20 slides. You have 20 seconds to talk to each slide before it automatically advances to the next slide. Each presenter therefore has 6 minutes and 40 seconds to get their message across before we move on to the next presentation.

Required format: 20 static slides with no animations, set up so that each slide has an automatic transition to the next slide after 20 seconds. We prefer you to use powerpoint for this, simply because of the hardware set up at the Open Repositories venue. If you cannot provide us with a PPT file then please use an alternative presentation software (such as keynote for Mac or Impress) that allows for automatically timed transitions. Note: PDF is not acceptable because it cannot be timed.

Organisation: Once you have your slides together, please can you upload them using the conference submission system (no later than the 6th July). We will then load them up onto the OR2012 computers in advance in order to avoid any PC Vs Mac conflicts. There will be an opportunity to load them directly via USB Flash drive on the day if necessary.

Q & A after for presentations: Presentations will be made in groups of three. After each third presentation all presenters in the group will be brought to the front of the stage and we will allow for a brief question and answer session. Each Q&A session will run for no more than 10 minutes.

If you are looking for inspiration, examples of Pecha Kucha presentations made at previous Repository Fringe events in Edinburgh can be viewed on Youtube

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