Repository Fringe 2012


We are delighted to say that the final arrangements are now (almost) in place for the Repository Fringe strand of the 2012 Open Repositories conference.

For those who don’t know, the Repository Fringe is an annual event arranged and managed by the ‘tripartite’ teams of the Edinburgh Digital Library, Edina and the Digital Curation Centre. Events are managed in an informal style and focus on what can be considered as some of the more tangential ideas around repository use.

The Repository Fringe at the 2012 Open Repositories Conference

This summer would have been our 5th consecutive year of the event, but as the organising committee have been focusing their efforts on arranging the main OR2012 conference we’ve agreed to combine forces this year.

So, the Repository Fringe lives on as the third strand of the 2012 Open Repositories, and will run in parallel with the main conference programme from Tuesday 10th through to Thursday 12th July.

A little bit of history

The idea to host the fringe events came about after the 2008 Open Repositories conference in Southampton where chance conversations led to a discussion on how there was a need for a conference that wasn’t a formal conference, cheap enough that smaller organisations could afford to send someone, interesting for developers as well as managers, and looked at the stuff that Open Repositories didn’t look at. This lead to the pun Fringe: being in Edinburgh during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe (thus an added attraction for attending) and looking at the fringes of the repository landscape

The idea took off with support from JISC, and in the summer of 2008, the Repository Fringe was born.

This year, for our part in the programme, the Repository Fringe will be running the ever popular Pecha Kucha format sessions on behalf of the organising committee. On Wednesday 11th we will also be holding a small number of additional ‘fringe’ sessions on a variety topics that we believe will be of general interest to repository practitioners.

Pecha Kucha at the Repository Fringe.

Pecha Kucha first made an appearance at the 2009 event and has grown in popularity as a presentation format since.

For 2012  we have a massive 41 Pecha Kucha sessions packed in the schedule. The sessions have been grouped thematically across the three main conference days and will themselves  be subdivided into smaller sets of 3 presentations running one after the other, with a 10 minute Q&A session before the next set of 3 presentations kicks off.

The 4 main themes are as follows;

  • Communities and Collaborations
  • Repository tools and approaches
  • National Infrastructures
  • Experiences and lessons learned

Full details of the presentation ‘sets’ will emerge over the next week once we’ve confirmed registrations and ironed out a few small issues. We have also prepared a set of Pecha Kucha rules that should be followed by presenters..

Repository Fringe tutorial sessions

On the Wednesday of the main conference there will be a further two sessions held.

The first session will be a round table discussion looking at the development of an Open Access index. The session will be asking for participants to answer two questions: ‘Would an Open Access index be useful?’ and ‘How should an OAIndex be calculated?’

For the second session on Wednesday 11th  the  we’ve been lucky to secure a presentation by one of the largest and best known market research companies in the UK – Ipsos Mori, who have agreed to come and talk us through some of the finer points of planning, running and analysing a survey – including what to watch out for when using the popular online survey tools.



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